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Knox County Ohio Real Estate Information Archive

Sam Miller


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Mount Vernon Grand Hotel

by Sam Miller

Guests, visitors and business travelers headed for Mount Vernon, Ohio and Knox County will have a beautiful new hotel option available in the historic downtown area later this month.  '


Located right on the public square.

365 Things To Do in Knox County Ohio

by Sam Miller
Mount Vernon Nazarene University

The 7th Annual SONFEST Festival will be held at The Mount Vernon Nazarene University on September 17th.  SONFEST is an annual outdoor Christian Music Festival.  This year's lineup will feature Family Force Five, 10th Avenue North, Leeland, Britt Nicole, House of Heros, Sent By Ravens, Write This Down, Brent Reed, The Great Transparency, and Wolves At The Gate.  The estimated attendance of this event is over 7,000 people.


Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Attending a music festival of this size is an amazing experience and there really isn't anything else like it annually that is held in or around Knox County.  The SONFEST is a large scale event and the pricing is very very affordable at only $15.00 per person.  The diverse lineup of talent appeals to the musical tastes of most youth and college students.  

The video below below was used to promote the 2010 SONFEST Festival and I will be sure to post their upcoming video here once it becomes available.  Here is the Mount Vernon Nazarene University's website link which will be featuring additional details about the 2011 music festival.  This highlight is part of our 365 Things To Do in Knox County Ohio series.


Mount Vernon Nazarene University - Giving back to the Community

by Sam Miller

Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Giving back to the Community

Mount Vernon Nazarene UniversityStudents at Mount Vernon Nazarene University are dedicated to helping their community.

Mount Vernon is lucky to have 2,000 plus students who are actively participating in local homeless shelters, outreach programs, and mentoring activities. The university’s mission promotes respect for others, positive influence and a commitment to giving. These Christian values gave rise to these great locally beneficial programs

“Friendsheep” where students are paired with residents of a nursing home. They read, listen, and play with elders to brighten their day.

“One Way” is a great program that promotes student talents in music, drama, and story-telling. The students perform around the community.

“Mandate” servers with urban ministries to raise awareness of urban issues. Small groups travel to inner-cities on the weekends to help with different organizations.

“Pumzika” raises awareness of homelessness by working with a variety of social service organizations and forming relationships with guests of Mount Vernon’s homeless shelter, “The Sanctuary”.

“Transition Mission” pairs students with developmentally delayed high school students to interact with.

Lastly, “Bookworms” trains college students by the Education Department to go to Columbia Elementary School to help kids learn how to read.

There are many more great opportunities, and Mount Vernon Nazarene University is just another reason why Mount Vernon is such a special town. The community is supported by each other, with many opportunities for involvement and growth. For more information about Mount Vernon, Ohio or Mount Vernon Nazarene University be sure to visit our community pages.

Kokosing Gap Trail: Ohio’s Finest Rail to Trail

by Sam Miller

Once an active branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Kokosing Gap Trail offers Knox County residents a relaxing and very scenic means of exercise and recreation. Opened in 1991, the Trail is a 10-foot wide paved path that stretches 13.5 miles from Mount Vernon to Danville. Along its course, the Trail follows Knox County’s scenic Kokosing River and surrounding countryside. Forested hills, wetlands, family farms, and the river itself offer pleasant scenery, and many opportunities for memorable photos. Beginning in Mount Vernon’s Phillips Park, the trail runs east to historic Gambier, the home of nationally respected Kenyon College. Here, one can stop for a rest at one of the Trail’s restroom facilities and take photos with one of the Trail’s travelers from the past: and old steam engine, coal car, flatbed and caboose; a standing reminder of the legacy of America’s once great railroad system.


From Gambier, the trail continues northeast towards Howard, where the beautiful Apple Valley Lake and resort are located. Here, Trail goers will pass underneath Route 36 through a stone-arched tunnel, and then continue on towards Danville. It is in Danville where the 13.5-mile Kokosing Gap Trail ends, but if one wishes to travel further, the Mohican Valley Trail, which opened to the public in 1999, begins only a few blocks from where the Kokosing Trail ends.


Many people use the Kokosing Gap Trail. Its close proximity to Mount Vernon Nazarene University and Kenyon College in Gambier makes it an excellent place for college students to get away from the stress of campus life and prevent the infamous Freshman 15. It is a great way for families to spend peaceful, quality time together, and instill in young children good exercise habits and a respect and love of nature. The Trail is an excellent way for anyone, of any age, to get the exercise needed to live a healthy, happy life.


The Trail is also a great place for nature lovers. In addition to the common squirrel, chipmunk, and deer, the Kokosing Gap Trail is also a great place for bird watchers. One of the most inspiring sights at the Trail is the rare spotting of the American Bald Eagle. At least one mating pair is reported to soar the skies along the Kokosing River, making the Trail one of the best places to try and spot this majestic, once endangered, bird of prey. With the 4th of July fast approaching, the spotting of the American Bald Eagle within Knox County could be one of the most memorable sights of the summer.


Parking for the Kokosing Gap Trail can be found in Mount Vernon, Gambier, Howard, and Danville. The trail features several river crossings on wooden-decked steel bridges, a few of which include observation decks where people can rest and take in the scenery or take a few photos. Recently, there has been some talk on extending the Trail to also run north to Fredericktown, Ohio. The Kokosing Gap Trail is a beautiful, relaxing stretch of path, which is enjoyable to people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether biking, walking, running or skating, the Trail is an excellent venue for exercise and shows off the beauty and rich history of Knox County.

Displaying blog entries 1-4 of 4