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Sam Miller


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Water Under The Bridge

Find yourself soaring above the railroad bridge on the Kokosing Gap Trail in Gambier, Ohio and find views you've likely never seen before. This custom drone footage below captures the serene environment of bright green forestry, birds flying by, and the rippling Kokosing River nearby Kenyon College. Fly alongside and inside the railroad bridge at the 4 mile marker to experience a unique tour of the Kokosing Gap Trail. Check out our other featured article with extra drone footage on the Kokosing Gap Trail's Restored Steam Locomotive also located in Gambier, Ohio.

If you enjoy walking the Kokosing Gap Trail and love the community of Gambier, Ohio, consider making Gambier your new home! Click HERE to find Gambier, Ohio homes for sale.

This feature article is part of our ongoing series titled 365 Things To Do in Knox County Ohio by Sam Miller of REMAX Stars Realty 740-397-7800.




Knox County Ohio Population

by Sam Miller

Knox County Ohio is the geographic center of Ohio and is located within 40 miles of Columbus and Polaris, within 105 miles of Cleveland and within 154 miles of Cincinnati.  Knox County is also within 22 miles of Newark, Ohio and within 24 miles Lexington, Ohio.  

59,637 Knox County Ohio population   Knox County Ohio Map

27,415 Mount Veron Ohio population 

8,659 Fredericktown Ohio population 

6,188 Centerburg Ohio population 

5,564 Howard Ohio population 

3,417 Danville Ohio population

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Forbes Magazine recently featured Kenyon College in their latest issue as one of "The World's Most Beautiful College Campuses".   The Village of Gambier is truly a gorgeous community with tree lined streets, spectacular Gothic architecture, walking paths and river scenery.  The Gambier community is adjoined by a picturesque landscape of country property and farmland.  Kenyon is one of the nation's finest liberal arts colleges. 


As a Knox County resident and real estate professional, it makes me very proud that Kenyon College received this well deserved recognition from Forbes Magazine.  Because of the Forbes article, I am sure others will discover the beauty of the Kenyon College Campus.


Community Profile of Gambier, Ohio


Kenyon College

Knox County Ohio 2008 Home Sales Year End Report

by Sam Miller

Each year I compile "The State of the Market Housing Report" for Knox County Ohio highlighting all residential home sales for the previous year  This report includes home sales in Mount Vernon, Centerburg Danville, Fredericktown, Gambier, Howard and even the smaller villages such as Bladensburg and Martiinsburg.

  • 428 Residential homes sales within Knox County Ohio
  • $53,249,324 or just over 53 million in combined volume
  • $124,414 was the average sales price for the Knox County
  • $565,000 was the highest residential sales in Knox County MLS
  • $8,000 was the lowest actual frame constructed home sale (repo) 

Here are the 2008 Knox County home sale numbers broken down by specific price ranges, how many sold in each price range and the average sales price per price range grouping.

  • 40 homes sold from $50,000 or less with an average sale price of $34,459.
  • 54 homes sold from $50,001 to $75,000 with $62,891 average sales price.
  • 93 homes sold from $75,001 to $100,000 with $87,353 average sales price.
  • 77 homes sold from $100,001 to $125,000 with $111,665 average sales price.
  • 52 homes sold from $125,001 to $150,000 with $138,905 average sales price.
  • 43 homes sold from $150,001 to $175,000 with $160,796 average sales price.
  • 27 homes sold from $175,001 to $200,000 with $187,998 average sales price.
  • 19 homes sold from $200,001 to $250,000 with $230,310 average sales price.
  • 8 homes sold from $250,001 to $300,000 with $275,937 average sales price.
  • 10 homes sold from $300,001 to $400,000 with $350,200 average sales price.
  • 5 homes sold from $400,001 and higher with $490,800 average sales price.
I am also in the process of posting additional 2008 "State of the Market" reports for each individual community within the Knox County Area.

Click Here to view the Apple Valley Lake Community 2008 "State of the Market" Home Sales Report

Sam Miller


Kokosing Gap Trail: Ohio’s Finest Rail to Trail

by Sam Miller

Once an active branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Kokosing Gap Trail offers Knox County residents a relaxing and very scenic means of exercise and recreation. Opened in 1991, the Trail is a 10-foot wide paved path that stretches 13.5 miles from Mount Vernon to Danville. Along its course, the Trail follows Knox County’s scenic Kokosing River and surrounding countryside. Forested hills, wetlands, family farms, and the river itself offer pleasant scenery, and many opportunities for memorable photos. Beginning in Mount Vernon’s Phillips Park, the trail runs east to historic Gambier, the home of nationally respected Kenyon College. Here, one can stop for a rest at one of the Trail’s restroom facilities and take photos with one of the Trail’s travelers from the past: and old steam engine, coal car, flatbed and caboose; a standing reminder of the legacy of America’s once great railroad system.


From Gambier, the trail continues northeast towards Howard, where the beautiful Apple Valley Lake and resort are located. Here, Trail goers will pass underneath Route 36 through a stone-arched tunnel, and then continue on towards Danville. It is in Danville where the 13.5-mile Kokosing Gap Trail ends, but if one wishes to travel further, the Mohican Valley Trail, which opened to the public in 1999, begins only a few blocks from where the Kokosing Trail ends.


Many people use the Kokosing Gap Trail. Its close proximity to Mount Vernon Nazarene University and Kenyon College in Gambier makes it an excellent place for college students to get away from the stress of campus life and prevent the infamous Freshman 15. It is a great way for families to spend peaceful, quality time together, and instill in young children good exercise habits and a respect and love of nature. The Trail is an excellent way for anyone, of any age, to get the exercise needed to live a healthy, happy life.


The Trail is also a great place for nature lovers. In addition to the common squirrel, chipmunk, and deer, the Kokosing Gap Trail is also a great place for bird watchers. One of the most inspiring sights at the Trail is the rare spotting of the American Bald Eagle. At least one mating pair is reported to soar the skies along the Kokosing River, making the Trail one of the best places to try and spot this majestic, once endangered, bird of prey. With the 4th of July fast approaching, the spotting of the American Bald Eagle within Knox County could be one of the most memorable sights of the summer.


Parking for the Kokosing Gap Trail can be found in Mount Vernon, Gambier, Howard, and Danville. The trail features several river crossings on wooden-decked steel bridges, a few of which include observation decks where people can rest and take in the scenery or take a few photos. Recently, there has been some talk on extending the Trail to also run north to Fredericktown, Ohio. The Kokosing Gap Trail is a beautiful, relaxing stretch of path, which is enjoyable to people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether biking, walking, running or skating, the Trail is an excellent venue for exercise and shows off the beauty and rich history of Knox County.

Displaying blog entries 1-5 of 5