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Sam Miller


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5% Interest Rate On Knox County OH Homes For Sale

by Sam Miller

5% Fixed Interest Rate Loans Available on ANY of These 6 Knox County OH Homes When You Finance Your Purchase Through The Bank That Owns Them

Here's The Deal...these homes are bank owned and they want them SOLD immediately. They are offering amazing incentives to Knox County home buyers in exchange for a quick sale. 

Here's what you get with this incentive financing package:

  • 5% Fixed Rate Interest Loan
  • 30 Year Loan Payment Term
  • No PMI Required (bank waived all PMI)
  • Only 10% Down (which can be a gift)

Here are some sample payments for example purposes factoring in the details from above:

knox county home
677 Floral Valley would have a payment as low as $482.66 P&I


knox county home
14819 Old Mansfield Road would have a payment as low as $577.36 P&I



knox county home
230 Woodlawn Circle would have a payment as low as $625.67 P&I


knox county home
176 Lakeview Heights would have a payment as low as $675.92 P&I

knox county real estate
22598 Cornish Road would have a payment as low as $772.54 P&I

knox county real estate

725 Valleywood Heights Drive would have a payment as low as $1,811.78 P&I


Sam Miller and RE/MAX Stars Realty are not offering financing on these home, the sample payments are for example purposes only and are all based on 90% of the listing prices with 5% fixed rate interest for 30 year terms. Sample payments do not include property taxes or home owners insurance. Annual Percentage Rate calculated at 5.05%

To learn more about these homes and other Knox County OH real estate, please call me at 740-397-7800 or visit

Google Search Using Your Cell Phone and Text Messaging

by Sam Miller

Have you ever needed a quick phone number and didn't want to take the time to boot up your computer and search Google and you wanted to avoid the high charge for directory assistance or 411 connect?   Have you ever wanted the phone numbers for the local movie theatres or pizza places near you and you don't have anything to write the numbers down on?  There is a quick and easy way to get the information you want within 60 seconds and most of you can get the information quick and cheap with your cell phone and your text message feature. 

Send a text message to this number:  466453 (I know this is a partial number but trust me it will work).  Now type in what you are searching for and for your example use the following as a test:  Plumber 43050 (of you can type in Plumber XXXX (enter your zip code where my x's are)  Now simply press send and sit tight and within 60 seconds you will get a text message with the information.  This works for client names, addresses and phone numbers and it works for just about anything you are searching.  If you want another good test why not search your name or your spouses name and your zip code?  If you have a spare moment send a text to 466453 and enter Sam Miller Realtor, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050 and see what comes up.

There are so many potential uses for this service and once you play with it a bit you will quickly see the many possibilities.  Your family will love it, your past clients will love it, your team will love it, I have a feeling that pretty much anyone with a cell phone will find a use for it at some point.  The key to remember is that if you do not have a text messaging account you will get charged a non contract text message rate.  For those of us with text messages contracts and especially those of us who have unlimited text messaging this is a feature that we will be using on a very regular basis.  Google has done it again and the speed of this service is amazing.

Winter Snow Storm Hits Knox County Ohio

by Sam Miller

Knox County Ohio residents got a big surprise this past weekend when 16 inches of snow fell within a 24 hour period.  This was the largest single day snow storm for Ohio that was recorded in more than 50 years.  On Friday March 7th the county was declared a level 2 snow emergency which means motorists were advised to say home.  On March 8th they raised the snow emergency to a level 3 which means only emergency vehilces are allowed to be on the roads.  When I woke up Sunday morning the roads were amazingly clean and it was very obvious that the city, the townships and the county had all worked around the clock and their efforts paid off in a big way.  Mount Vernon Schools were open Monday morning and the drive to work was smooth with no issues.   Traveling the roads in Mount Vernon, Fredericktown, Howard, Gambier, Centerburg and Apple Valley should be back to business as usual and in record time.

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3