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Knox County Ohio Real Estate Information Archive

Sam Miller


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Mount Vernon Ohio Building Fire

by Sam Miller

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — A commercial building located at 201 South Main Street on the corner of Gambier Street caught fire this morning between 6:30 and 6:45 a.m.  This building is the location of Bodi N Balance Fitness and it was previously the location of Focus Studio and Ben Franklin.  The fire is believed to have started in the basement of the building and spread through the building and eventually flames penetrated the roof.  The fire department has been doing everything they can to contain the fire and minimize the damage to the newly renovated Mount Vernon Nazarene University Art Center which is located next door.  

Mount Vernon Ohio Fire Photo by Sam Miller

Mount Vernon Ohio Movie Showtimes

by Sam Miller

Mount Vernon, Ohio and all the surrounding communities within Knox County, Ohio are very fortunate to have a movie theatre as nice as Mount Vernon Premiere Theatre.


The Premiere Theatre has been a wonderful addition to the community and the theatre owners have made significant upgrades to the theatre within the past year.  Some of the upgrades include new seating, an enhanced lobby, the addition of digital 3D and the total number of movies screens has been increased and they now feature 7 movie screens.  

  • Premiere Theatre is located at 11535 Upper Gilchrist Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050 
  • Movie information Line:  (740) 392-2220
  • Movie Business Line:  (740) 397-2224
  • Mount Vernon Movie Showtimes

Knox County Ohio Real Estate Update

by Sam Miller


We are trying something a little different with our blog today...we are providing the Knox County Ohio real estate market update in video format.  Today's market update highlights 3 different topics:

  1. Foreclosure Moratorium and the potential good and bad a moratorium can create.
  2. Current fixed interest rates that are available for both 15 year and 30 year loans.
  3. We continue to maintain our level of business while many others are selling less.

Please let us know if you like the video blog concept and if enough of our visitors like it we might start adding short video updates to our text blogs.  And one final the very end of the video for some reason I ended up cutting off my office phone number so here is the complete number (740) 397-7800.  

Apple Valley Lakefront Homes

by Sam Miller


google map to real pro systems

It is not everyday that you can find an Apple Valley Lake waterfront home that is priced under $300,000.  Most generally you will only find an waterfront home in this price range if it has minimal water frontage, located on a small cove or overlooks the marina and even then prices can still be above $300,000.  This property at 291 Crabapple Drive is a winner because it combines an exceptional location, a true lakefront lot, a wonderful view and this home is ideal as a summer home / vacation home or a year round residence.  If you have always dreamed of owning a home on the Apple Valley Lake with a great view consider this your opportunity.     

There are very few Apple Valley lakefront lots that haven't already been built on so finding a nice lakefront lot is super rare and we currently have one available.  Lot 54 in Orchard Hills Subdivision on Baldwin Drive is ideally located next to Sutton Beach and is priced at $235,000.  This is a gently sloping lot that will allow a level driveway which makes it perfect for a year round lake residence.   


Apple Valley Lakefront and Waterfront Homes For Sale

291 Crabapple Drive

4009 Apple Valley Drive

1944 Apple Valley Drive

Apple Valley Lake Listings

1940 Apple Valley Drive

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Mount Vernon Ohio Real Estate Report

by Sam Miller

A client asked me this morning how many homes were available for sale within the Mount Vernon Ohio School District so I ran an "Active Listing" report and thought the information was worth sharing.  The following details came directly from the Knox County Ohio MLS on October 11th, 2010:

  • There are 218 homes for sale within the Mount Vernon Ohio School District
  • The average listing price for a Mount Vernon Ohio Home today is only $154,637
  • The lowest priced Mount Vernon Ohio home for sale is listed for only $25,000 
  • The highest priced Mount Vernon Ohio home for sale is listed for $1,300,000
  • From 1-1-10 through today 10-11-10 there has been 174 homes sell in this area
  • The average sales price for the Mount Vernon Ohio homes that sold was $110,434
If you are interested in viewing available homes for sale in the Mount Vernon Ohio School District be sure to visit Mount Vernon Ohio Homes For Sale

Knox County Ohio Homes Sales Report

by Sam Miller

October has arrived and I have just completed the Knox County Board of Realtors MLS homes sales report for September.  The results are very interesting because our board of REALTORS experienced a reduction in homes sales this September compared to September 2009 yet the average sales price of homes sold were higher in September 2010 than they were in September 2009.

  • September 2010 saw 1/3rd fewer residential homes sales compared to September 2009.
  • The average price of a home that sold in September 2010 was $17,404 higher than in 2009.
  • There are 426 residential homes for sale with an average listing price of $161,356 
We have recently launched a Knox County Ohio real estate foreclosure website that will automatically send you the newest bank owned, REO and foreclosure listings by email.  If you would be interested in receiving a regularly updated list of bank owned / foreclosure listings by email be sure to visit and sign up for this FREE service.

Displaying blog entries 1-6 of 6