Top real estate agents around the world regularly turn to one man when they want to grow their real estate business and that man is Howard Brinton.  I have had the privilege of learning from Howard and his Star Power Network for nearly 20 years.  There hasn't been anyone or anything that has had more positive impact on my real estate career than Howard Brinton and his group of Stars.  

During the past couple of years I have witnessed many real estate professionals who have left the real estate industry because they didn't know how to adapt to the changes that were taking place in the economy.  During that same time my personal real estate business has remained strong and I continue to lead our Knox County Ohio real estate market for the 18th consecutive year.  I attribute my continued success to what I learn each year at the Annual Star Power Conference.  If you want to not only survive but thrive in this changing market you need to attend this years annual conference on July 29th through August 1st in Denver, Colorado.  

The Star Power Annual Conference is much more than a traditional real estate seminar. It goes beyond the typical high energy seminar experience because it offers top level breakout sessions on dozens of current topics which will help you overcome daily obstacles and challenges found during a normal day of selling real estate.  This year there will also be special round table and panel discussions relating to dealing with foreclosures, short sales and working with financially challenged clients and their lenders.  There has never been a better time to learn this information and to talk with other successful agents who are succeeding in this market.  

One of my main goals when I attend the Star Power Annual Conference is to talk with top real estate agents who are selling more homes than I am and find out what they are doing differently than I am.  Attending a Star Power Conference is a lot like winning a back stage pass and gaining access to some of the brightest minds in real estate.  I have already registered for the conference and I hope to see you in Denver.  For more details about Howard Brinton and Star Power visit GoStarPower and for conference details visit Star Power Annual Conference.