Apple iPad Scanner Photo by Sam Miller

The Apple iPad is an amazing tech tool especially for those of us who are on the go most of our days.  I am a real estate professional and I personally spend 90% of my time outside of my office so for me to remain highly productive I must leverage technology.  A couple of things that I must have is a device that offers "Instant on with the push of a button with no lengthy boot times and my technology has got to be lightweight and truly portable.  What I am going to show you in this video will exceed both of these requirements and I have a feeling your brain will start spinning with ideas and potential uses once you watch the video and it sinks in.  

If you already have an Apple iPad you are 80% there already and you just need to pick up an Apple Camera Connection Kit which costs less than $30 and a Visioneer Mobility portable scanner which includes the SD camera card and costs under $200.  Watch this short video and you will see how slick these tech tools work together.  I showed my office this in action and I blew their minds because we had heard over and over that we couldn't scan into an iPad and as you can see from this video that we can get our scans into our iPad quickly and very easily.

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