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Sam Miller


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Apple Valley Lake 5 Year Home Sales History

by Sam Miller


The Apple Valley Lake continues to be an active housing market and sales have remained relatively strong over the last 5 years.  There were 85 Apple Valley homes that sold in 2011 according to the Knox County Ohio MLS as of January 2nd, 2012.  It should come as no surprise that 85 home sales at the Apple Valley Lake didn't break any home sales records but 2011 was within 8 homes sales of matching the 2010 Apple Valley home sales numbers.  One of the key factors that caused Apple Valley to not match or surpass home sales figures of 2010 was because in 2011 we had a very long winter season with snow on the ground all the way into April.  The reality is that the second half of the year in 2011 was actually stronger than in 2010 which is a sign that the market was headed in the right direction.  

Apple Valley Lake 5 Year Home Sales History2011 was a great year for our real estate team regarding home sales at the Apple Valley Lake, lots sales at the Apple Valley Lake and real estate sales in general within Knox County Ohio.  We were pleased to lead the local housing market for the 20th consecutive year for most homes sold and we successfully sold and closed 203 real estate transactions which is nearly triple the transactions compared to the nearest real estate team in Knox County Ohio.  

If you are considering making a move in 2012 to the Apple Valley Lake or even if you just want to purchase a cheap Apple Valley lot so that you can lake and amenity privilidges at the Apple Valley Lake, The Sam Miller Team we would love to be your Apple Valley Lake REALTOR.  You can view available Apple Valley Lake homes for sale and we have also created a special listing which which contains Apple Valley Lake lots for sale and both links are conveniently organized in price order for easy viewing.


Apple Valley Lakefront Homes

by Sam Miller


google map to real pro systems

It is not everyday that you can find an Apple Valley Lake waterfront home that is priced under $300,000.  Most generally you will only find an waterfront home in this price range if it has minimal water frontage, located on a small cove or overlooks the marina and even then prices can still be above $300,000.  This property at 291 Crabapple Drive is a winner because it combines an exceptional location, a true lakefront lot, a wonderful view and this home is ideal as a summer home / vacation home or a year round residence.  If you have always dreamed of owning a home on the Apple Valley Lake with a great view consider this your opportunity.     

There are very few Apple Valley lakefront lots that haven't already been built on so finding a nice lakefront lot is super rare and we currently have one available.  Lot 54 in Orchard Hills Subdivision on Baldwin Drive is ideally located next to Sutton Beach and is priced at $235,000.  This is a gently sloping lot that will allow a level driveway which makes it perfect for a year round lake residence.   


Apple Valley Lakefront and Waterfront Homes For Sale

291 Crabapple Drive

4009 Apple Valley Drive

1944 Apple Valley Drive

Apple Valley Lake Listings

1940 Apple Valley Drive

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Knox County MLS Home Search

by Sam Miller

I recently read that approximately 86% of all home buyers start their house hunting on the internet.  I find this to be a significant number because it means that nearly 9 out of 10 buyers are shopping online for a home.  The challenge for many of these home shoppers is that they have to search dozens of real estate websites and they will still generally only scratch the surface of what's available in the Knox County Ohio MLS.  

EMailKnoxCountyHomes is a simple solution we offer for all of our customers and clients.  This service provides you detailed information by e-mail for every listing in the Knox County MLS that matches your search criteria.  The system works so well that once you are registered you will receive new listing notifications as fast as the other Knox County Ohio real estate professionals.

The best part is that registering is easy and it only takes about 2 minutes.  

Knox County Ohio MLS Listing Search


Despite all the negative media surrounding the housing industry these days our Knox County Ohio real estate market activity is stastically beating many other Ohio markets.  During the month of August the Knox County real estate market had 25 successful home sales close through the local Board of Realtors.  The average home sales price for August was $135,112 with the lowest home selling for just $39,900 and the highest Apple Valley Lakefront home selling for $372,000.  The total dollar volume for residential home sales for the month of August was $3,377,800. 

Currently there are 387 homes that are actively for sale and listed in the Knox County Board of Realtors.  Based on the 25 sales in August there is roughly 15 months of active inventory on the market.  What this means is that based on the current absorbtion rate of 25 per month it would take 15 months to deplete our current inventory.  Fifteen months of active residential inventory is certainly higher than in years past but consider that there are an increased  number of bank owned foreclosed homes on the market today which is more more than in years past.

Residential homes in Knox County Ohio continue to sell and there is increased buyer activity in the market today.  We track the number of incoming phone calls, internet website viewings, we track the number of visitors who view our virtual tours and online videos and most importantly we track the number of showings on our listing each week.  ALL of these numbers are increasing which means the market activity is heating up and there is continued interest in the Knox County Ohio housing market.

Sam Miller

Displaying blog entries 1-4 of 4