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Knox County Ohio Real Estate Information Archive

Sam Miller


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Apple Valley Lake Real Estate Search

by Sam Miller

The popularity of online house hunting continues to grow at a rapid pace.  My team and I are constantly researching the most popular websites and there seems to be movement to simplify the online house hunting search process.  A common goal among many within the real estate industry is to enable home buyers to see and view homes within 3 clicks once the consumer has entered their website.  

My team and I gave the 3 click real estate search some serious consideration.  We determined that in order to meet this goal our current website would require some specific updates but most importantly we were able to determine that our goal was within our reach.  We worked closely with our website designer and in less than a month we not only met our goal...we were able to exceed our goal and get over 80% of all home buyers searches down to a single click search.  One Click!

Apple Valley Lake Community Homes For Sale  This is an example of a simple single click Apple Valley home search.  You can now also visit and search for homes in specific price ranges by highlighting the "Search Listings" button and a menu will appear, just click on your selected price range and only those listings will be displayed.  We have also created a one click specialized search for Bank Owned Listings which enables visitors to bypass sifting through every listing on our site and instead have a direct link to the specific listings they want.  

If there is a special search feature you would like to see us add to our website please let us know in the comment section below.  If for any reason we are unable to fulfill your request we have the ability to create a personalized Knox County Ohio MLS search specifically for you within 24 hours of your request.  The Sam Miller Team wants to be your REALTOR and we are willing to go the extra mile to earn your business.

Thank You!

Sam Miller 


Apple Valley Lake Annual 2008 Residential Home Sales Report

by Sam Miller

Each year I compile "The State of the Market Residential Housing Report" for the Apple Valley Lake Community which is located in Knox County, Ohio.  This report highlights all residential home sales for the previous year.  This report includes only home sales in Apple Valley Lake Community including Apple Valley lakefront homes, lakeview homes, golf course homes and wooded and more typical locations.  This report excludes all vacant lot sales which are being featured in my Annual Apple Valley Lot report.  

  • 101 Residential homes sales in 2008 at the Apple Valley Lake Community
  • $16,058,378 or just over 16 million in total combined volume (per MLS)
  • $158,993 was the average sales price for the homes sold in Apple Valley
  • $530,000 was the highest residential sales in Apple Valley in 2008 MLS
  • $65,000 was the lowest sales price in Apple Valley per Knox County MLS 

Here are the 2008 Apple Valley home sale numbers broken down by specific price ranges, how many sold in each price range and the average sales price per price range grouping.

  • 3 homes sold from $50,001 to $75,000 with $68,500 average sales price.
  • 23 homes sold from $75,001 to $100,000 with $88,607 average sales price.
  • 23 homes sold from $100,001 to $125,000 with $113,744 average sales price.
  • 16 homes sold from $125,001 to $150,000 with $138,059 average sales price.
  • 4 homes sold from $150,001 to $175,000 with $161,236 average sales price.
  • 15 homes sold from $175,001 to $200,000 with $184,950 average sales price.
  • 4 homes sold from $200,001 to $250,000 with $227,625 average sales price.
  • 1 home sold from $250,001 to $300,000 with $295,000 average sales price.
  • 9 homes sold from $300,001 to $400,000 with $351,333 average sales price.
  • 2 homes sold from $400,001 and higher with $467,000 average sales price.
Click Here to view the 2008 Knox County Ohio "State of the Market" residential home sale report.

Sam Miller


Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2