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Sam Miller


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Mount Vernon Ohio Water Park and Pool

by Sam Miller

2009 Hiawatha Water Park and Swimming Pool Season Pass Pricing For Residents

The following are special pricing for annual passes if purchased prior to May 1st, 2009. 

  • Household membership prior to May 1st:  $170.00
  • Individuals ages 6 through 59 resident prior to May 1st:  $75.00
  • Children ages 1 through 5 years old prior to May 1st:  $40:00
  • Senior citizens Ages 60 and over prior to May 1st:  $45.00
For more specific details feel free to contact (740) 393-9521 or call the seasonal number at (740) 393-0288.
Hiawatha Water Park and Pool
100 Sychar Road
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

Knox County Ohio Home Sales for March 2009

by Sam Miller

The Knox County Ohio Board of Realtors and the Knox County MLS reported $3,427,750 in residential home sales within Knox County in March 2009.  There were 25 residential homes sale reported in March with an average sales price of $137,100.  The least expensive frame constructed home sold was $21,000 and the highest priced home sold in March sold for $429,000.  For comparison purposes in 2008 there were 36% more homes sold than this past March yet this March the average sales price was nearly $5,000 higher than in 2008.  The end result is fewer homes sold in March of 2009 yet the average sales price was higher.

During March there were 93 new listings added to the existing Knox County MLS.  The average listing price for March was $153,805 which is actually above average.  The total dollar volume in new home listings in Knox County that were added to the MLS in March was $14,303,909.  For comparison purposes there were only 59 residential new listings added in February and only 43 residential new listings added in January 2009.  As of today there are 360 residential homes on the market for sale in Knox County.  Based on the 25 homes that sold in Knox County in March 2009...there is over 14 months of active home listings or inventory currently on the market for sale.

Mount Vernon Ohio Home

by Sam Miller
Mount Vernon Ohio Edge of Town Home
If you love classic cars, auto racing or motorcycles you are going to love the two extra special garages this property features.  It's only $110,000!
  • Desirable edge of town location
  • Nicely updated and very stylish
  • Hardwood floors and ceramic tile
  • Gorgeous appliance filled kitchen
  • Unique diner style table and seat
  • Great living room / brick fireplace
  • Finished basement is a real bonus
  • 3rd Bedroom possible in basement
  • Huge bedroom sized walk-in closet
  • Modern gas furnace and central air
  • Screened porch patio and decking
  • Attached garage & pole barn garage
  • High speed cable internet available 
  • $110,000

Trade Your Home

by Sam Miller

Trading your current home may be just the option you are looking for today.  Most homeowners recognize that the opportunity to buy a home is much greater today than it has been during the past 30 years.  The challenge for most homeowners today is that they typically need to sell their current home before they are in a position to buy a nicer replacement home.  This is what I like to call the "Real Estate Catch 22".  For many Knox County Ohio homeowners there is a solution to this real estate challenge.

One of the services that I offer on many of my listings is unique real estate trade option.  The trade option exists when I have a client who wants to sell their current home through me and they want to upgrade into one of my real estate listings.  Here is simple example of how my trade option can work:

  1. I have a house listed for sale that you want to buy ($150,000 for example purposes).
  2. Before you can buy this home you need to sell your current home first.
  3. I list your home for sale and I offer to accept a local buyers home in on trade (meaning I will offer to buy their Knox County Ohio home directly from them so that THEY can buy your home using me as their agent).
  4. By me offering to buy their home, they can buy your home and you will buy my listing.    
The primary goal behind the home trade option is to attract a buyer for your home who needs to sell their current home first and my goal is to help make all the deals come together quickly and smoothly.  In many cases when I offer the trade I am able to attract a buyer who doesn't even own a home and is already capable of buying your home without selling anything...but the buyer is attracted to your home because of the real estate sign and marketing that reads "For Sale or Trade".  Many buyers have never seen "For Sale or Trade" advertised before and it catches their attention.

If you are interested in moving up to one of my listings directly through me and my personal real estate team be sure to ask about our real estate trade option.

My goal is to make buying and selling real estate really easy.

Sam Miller

*Disclosure:  The trade option is on a case by case basis and Sam Miller must approve all homes and price ranges being considered for the trade program since Sam Miller would personally be buying the home being traded.  Additional details and or requirements may apply depending on price ranges involved.  Sam Miller has the right to terminate the trade option at any time due to economic conditions or availability of mortgage funds and financing.  

Kenyon College Home

by Sam Miller

214 East Woodside Drive in Gambier for only $225,000.

Kenvon College Real Estate

Mount Vernon Ohio Real Estate For Sale

by Sam Miller


For more details you can visit this homes listing page at 206 Vernedale Drive

Gambier Ohio and Kenyon College Home

by Sam Miller

Desirable and Exclusive Kenyon College and Gambier Ohio Location.

One of the most gorgeous treed settings near the Kenyon college campus and within a short walk of the Kenyon Bookstore.  This home is much larger than it looks and features an impressive room addition with an enlarged family room plus a multi-room home office suite.  

For more detailed information, the current price, interior photos and to view a virtual tour of this Knox County Ohio home please visit 103 West Woodside Drive, Gambier Ohio

Gambier Ohio and Kenyon College Home

Knox County Ohio Snow Storm 2009

by Sam Miller

Most of Ohio has been snow covered but last night the freezing rain and the ice came which added a new challenge for anyone on an Ohio road trying to get home.  I was watching the news and they made the announcement that Knox County Ohio was in a level 2 snow emergency and they were recommending that people should stay off the roads if at all possible.

I am a a big fan of Twitter and I subscribe to the 10TV Columbus News feed on Twitter so I immediately saw that 10TV had posted the school closing announcement for Mount Vernon City Schools the night before. I quickly checked the school website and they had already updated their website and had posted the Wednesday closing announcement.  I have to say I was impressed how fast 10TV and the Mount Vernon Schools made the announcement because this gives parents some advance time to make plans for their children.

I shot this short video this morning on my way to work and thought it might add a little more depth to the this topic if you could actually see the snow.  I want you to pay special attention to the street once I pull out of the driveway because you can't see where the street is and if I hadn't driven this road thousands of times before I might not have made it out of our neighborhood without landing in a ditch.  

Sam Miller


Should You Refinance?

by Sam Miller

My phone has been ringing off the hook from home owners asking me if it is a good time to refinance their existing home.  For many of my clients the answer is YES and they should refinance especially since many of the mortgage loans available offer a fixed interest rate ranging between 4.5% to 5.5%.  However, there is a large segment of clients who should not refinance.  

If you are thinking about refinancing I would like for you to consider a few questions BEFORE you contact a mortgage lender:

  1. Do you plan on staying in your home long enough to see the long term benefit of refinancing?
  2. Do you have the necessary equity and will your home appraise high enough to support refinancing?
  3. Do you have the cash in savings for the closing costs that are associated with refinancing?
  4. If you are planning on adding the refinance closing costs on top of your existing loan balance, how long will it take for you to recoup these added costs and get your loan balance back to where it is today?  
Most people want to refinance for one of two reasons:
  1. They want to shorten their loan balance and pay the home off sooner which is a great reason.  Taking your existing 30 year amortization and refinancing to pay it off in 15 years is a powerful way to build equity quickly.
  2. They want to reduce their monthly payment at the cost of starting a 30 year loan all over again.  You can reduce your monthly payment with this method but typically you are going backwards and lose equity for at least a couple of years until the savings from the refinance get you back to where you were prior to the refinance.
Here is one of the quickest ways to determine how many months it will take before the cost of refinancing is beneficial and I have created a basic example: 

  1. If you are refinancing a fairly new home loan that has an existing 6.5% fixed rate 30 year mortgage with a loan balance of $100,000 and the current principal and interest monthly payment is $632.07.  
  2. The new interest rate you can obtain by doing the refinance is 5% fixed interest rate for 30 year and that would give you a new payment of $536.82.
  3. The closing costs to complete the refinance would be $2,500. (this amount is different in each market).
  4. The monthly payment savings would be $95.25 which is the difference from $632.07 less $536.82 = $95.25.
  5. Based on this $95.25 monthly savings it would take a little over 26 months of making the monthly payment at the new lower 5% interest rate before you would recoup your $2,500 closing costs.
Before any of my Knox County Ohio friends, customers or clients contact a lender to discuss refinancing PLEASE contact me by e-mail or phone me at (740) 397-7800.  I can help you determine within just a few minutes and over the phone if refinancing is a good move for you by using a specialized refinancing computerized calculator.

For those of you who are not planning on living in your current home much longer you may want to visit a few of the links below:

Please bookmark our site and feel free to subscribe to our RSS feed for regular updates.

Thank You!

Sam Miller

Apple Valley Lake Real Estate Search

by Sam Miller

The popularity of online house hunting continues to grow at a rapid pace.  My team and I are constantly researching the most popular websites and there seems to be movement to simplify the online house hunting search process.  A common goal among many within the real estate industry is to enable home buyers to see and view homes within 3 clicks once the consumer has entered their website.  

My team and I gave the 3 click real estate search some serious consideration.  We determined that in order to meet this goal our current website would require some specific updates but most importantly we were able to determine that our goal was within our reach.  We worked closely with our website designer and in less than a month we not only met our goal...we were able to exceed our goal and get over 80% of all home buyers searches down to a single click search.  One Click!

Apple Valley Lake Community Homes For Sale  This is an example of a simple single click Apple Valley home search.  You can now also visit and search for homes in specific price ranges by highlighting the "Search Listings" button and a menu will appear, just click on your selected price range and only those listings will be displayed.  We have also created a one click specialized search for Bank Owned Listings which enables visitors to bypass sifting through every listing on our site and instead have a direct link to the specific listings they want.  

If there is a special search feature you would like to see us add to our website please let us know in the comment section below.  If for any reason we are unable to fulfill your request we have the ability to create a personalized Knox County Ohio MLS search specifically for you within 24 hours of your request.  The Sam Miller Team wants to be your REALTOR and we are willing to go the extra mile to earn your business.

Thank You!

Sam Miller 


Displaying blog entries 71-80 of 108