Have you ever been on a real estate website and saw a listing that you were interested in and wished you had an fast way to get a quick question answered?  Until now E-mail has been the primary way for you to contact an agent after business hours.  We are offering a very easy to use solution to this challenge for our customers and clients.  Our goal is to make it much easier for our clients to contact us using the latest cellular text messaging technology.

If you have a spare moment feel free to give our new text messaging system a try.  It's so simple to use and there are just 3 quick steps.  Your first online text message can be sent within 60 seconds or less.

  1. Enter your cell phone number
  2. Type in your message of 160 characters or less
  3. Click the SEND button. 

Your message should be delivered to us within 60 seconds or less to our mobile device.  We are certain that this new feature will be a tremendous benefit for our clients and customers and we hope you will give it a try.

Sam Miller