Sam Miller Birthday Wish

It's my birthday today and it has been a spectacular day.  My Facebook page, twitter feed and my email have been lit up like a Christmas tree with a tremendous outpouring of Happy Birthday wishes and I sincerely thank you.  Today started off great and has kept getting better and better as the day continue.  Our team arranged a nice birthday lunch for me at the office and we shared pizza, birthday cake and our team knows me so well that they they gave me gift cards to my favorite stores including a stack of Apple "iTunes" cards.   

Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays and I hope you get a kick out of my birthday video wish. Those of you who REALLY know me well know that beyond my family, my love for high performance cars, guitar music...I am constantly thinking about technology and our real estate business so remember that even on my birthday I am thinking about helping buyers buy, sellers sell and real estate promotion.  

Thanks again for helping make today a truly "Super Fantastic" day and here is my birthday wish link.