Trading your current home may be just the option you are looking for today.  Most homeowners recognize that the opportunity to buy a home is much greater today than it has been during the past 30 years.  The challenge for most homeowners today is that they typically need to sell their current home before they are in a position to buy a nicer replacement home.  This is what I like to call the "Real Estate Catch 22".  For many Knox County Ohio homeowners there is a solution to this real estate challenge.

One of the services that I offer on many of my listings is unique real estate trade option.  The trade option exists when I have a client who wants to sell their current home through me and they want to upgrade into one of my real estate listings.  Here is simple example of how my trade option can work:

  1. I have a house listed for sale that you want to buy ($150,000 for example purposes).
  2. Before you can buy this home you need to sell your current home first.
  3. I list your home for sale and I offer to accept a local buyers home in on trade (meaning I will offer to buy their Knox County Ohio home directly from them so that THEY can buy your home using me as their agent).
  4. By me offering to buy their home, they can buy your home and you will buy my listing.    
The primary goal behind the home trade option is to attract a buyer for your home who needs to sell their current home first and my goal is to help make all the deals come together quickly and smoothly.  In many cases when I offer the trade I am able to attract a buyer who doesn't even own a home and is already capable of buying your home without selling anything...but the buyer is attracted to your home because of the real estate sign and marketing that reads "For Sale or Trade".  Many buyers have never seen "For Sale or Trade" advertised before and it catches their attention.

If you are interested in moving up to one of my listings directly through me and my personal real estate team be sure to ask about our real estate trade option.

My goal is to make buying and selling real estate really easy.

Sam Miller

*Disclosure:  The trade option is on a case by case basis and Sam Miller must approve all homes and price ranges being considered for the trade program since Sam Miller would personally be buying the home being traded.  Additional details and or requirements may apply depending on price ranges involved.  Sam Miller has the right to terminate the trade option at any time due to economic conditions or availability of mortgage funds and financing.