Columbus Real Estate Book Photo by Sam Miller

The little wire displays piled high with full-color images of beautiful homes have become a staple at supermarkets, shops, and community locations all over the country. It’s called The Real Estate Book, and their website and magazine are the leading voice on the best homes in town. So it makes sense that Realtors© make it a priority to advertise their homes on these shiny color pages.

But Sam Miller from Knox County Real Estate went one step further. Instead of restricting his information directly to Knox County, he branched out and advertised in Columbus Ohio’s Real Estate Book, looking for a wider audience. With over 20% of Sam's annual homes sales generated from buyers outside of Knox County, advertising in the neighboring communities just makes sense. Since then, Miller has been featured on the past two covers, both January and February; the only realtor in Knox County to do so. This has generated a tremendous amount of traffic to from interested outside buyers.

While other realtors are cutting their budgets back, Miller is capitalizing on more buzz by putting his homes directly in front of people in and out of the community. He is currently the only Realtor from Knox Country to advertise in Columbus Ohio’s Real Estate Book, and so far, it’s paying off and providing great information to interested buyers.