The Apple Valley lake community in Knox County Ohio has more than 6,600 developed lots and home sites.  Many of the Apple Valley property owners live outside of the Apple Valley lake community yet they want to stay connected to what is happening in Apple Valley.  Beyond the Cider Press Publication or our Apple Valley Blog there is a new online option for Apple Valley Property Owners called Twitter.

Twitter is a new website technology that allows people to connect with each other using a quick and easy format.  Twitter has been referred to as a micro blog that allows only 140 characters or less per message.  To give you an idea how small 140 characters is let me say that it is smaller than a single cell phone text message.  Keeping the Twitter content brief makes it even powerful because it can be accessed via computer, cell phone, text messaging, iPod Touch or most other wireless devices.  The Twitter technology even allows us to post website links to photo updates, current weather and many other information that an out of town property owner would find useful.  

If you are already a Twitter user and you would like to stay updated you are welcome to follow me on Twitter by clicking the following link and selecting "follow":  For those who are interested in setting up a free Twitter account just visit and it is very simple.  Once you have your account setup be sure to visit: