Sam Miller Real Estate Sign Van Pages Graphic

Our real estate sign van has an all new look thanks to Rod Zolman of Sharx Design.  Rod has been a personal friend and a real estate client of ours for years and Rod does amazing work.  Rod and I really wanted to capture the look and feel of our new website and at the same time help promote and drive additional traffic to  We couldn't be happier with the finished product.  

Tonight was the first night that our sign van hit the road and the reactions from other drivers was pretty spectacular.  One of our goals with the new truck was to create a traveling warehouse of real estate signs, directional signs, specialty sign riders, brochure boxes, real estate marketing supplies and tools that we use and loan out to our clients and customers.  Repurposing our van is going to save our team so much time and enhance our day to day efficiency. 

If you haven't checked out our Real Estate website you will be pleasantly surprised at all the new home search functions we built into it.  You can now search and view homes by community, by specific price ranges, by specific school districts, you can search and view homes with large lots and acreage and dozens of other customized searches.  

Here are some sample links:

New Listings in Knox County