Currently there are 163 homes actively for sale in the Mount Vernon School District with an average listing price of $169,317.  This average listing price is slightly higher than in years past because we have a higher number of more expensive homes currently on the market.  When you calculate averages and include a home that is listed for $825,475 it tends to elevate the numbers a little more than normal.  The lowest active home that is currently for sale in Mount Vernon is listed for $48,900 so there are certainly affordable homes available today that offer monthly payments that are cheaper than renting.

So far this year there has been 145 homes in the Mount Vernon School District that have already SOLD.  The average selling price for a home in Mount Vernon that since January 1st 2008 SOLD for $108,400.  Based on the current sales activity so far this year there should be more than 240 home sales in the Mount Vernon School District in 2008.  If you are considering buying a home in Mount Vernon Ohio in 2008 click here to view available homes, community details and virtual tours.