Sam Miller Real Estate Sign Comparison

Imagine the top photo was taken of your home while it's for sale with a real estate agent.  As you can see from the top photo...when a buyer drives by your home at night they won't have a clue your home is for sale.  Now consider that roughly 30 percent of all home buyers contact a real estate professional because of the real estate sign and you can see the obstacle that having an invisible real estate sign creates.  Daylight savings time just kicked in this month so it's dark when most people are driving to work and it's already dark before 5 p.m. so most people are also driving home in the dark.  Most people who work during the day will never notice your home during their commute to and from work.  Assuming they work 5 days a agent has lost over 70% of your signs effectiveness.  Remember, nobody can see your sign in the dark even with the headlights pointing straight at it from only 100 yards away.  As you can see in the photo...your signage is no longer an effective means of marketing your home after dark...or is it?  

The photo below is of my real estate sign with the headlights pointing at my sign from the same 100 yards away.  I don't need to sell you on the advantage of the additional exposure my real estate signs create because as you can see from the two photos the difference is like night and day.   You would think that most real estate agents would invest in special reflective real estate signs like mine.  The reality is that a VERY low percentage of agents invest in their own real estate signs.  Most traditional real estate brokerages provide their agents with a basic company real estate sign and by basic sign I mean a "non reflective" real estate sign.  Special reflective real estate signs definitely cost more money but at an added cost of less than $30 more per sign I think it is one of the best investments I can make.  If I can spend an extra $30 per sign and potentially double the marketing exposure of your home it sure seems like a wise investment to me.  

I'm Sam Miller and I want to be your Knox County Ohio real estate agent.