The sun has been shining on the Knox County Ohio local market lately and home sales are on the rise.  This past October we saw an increase of roughly 30% in monthly home sales compared to October 2010.  What is really interesting is that we saw an increase in home sales during a time of year when the housing market traditionally begins to slow down following the summer market after school starts.  This recent increase in Knox County Ohio home sales bucks the market trends and sales statistics over the previous 5 years.  

Knox County Ohio website traffic October Report by Sam Miller

Knox County Ohio and most specifically the Mount Vernon community and at the Apple Valley Lake experienced the biggest increases in showings, online website viewings and homes sales during this past October.  The number of agressively priced homes has reached record levels with an amazing selection to choose from.  When you combine an extensive selection of available homes, much lower home prices and some of the lowest and most affordable 30 year fixed interest rates in nearly 60 have the perfect conditions for first time homebuyers to enter the housing market.  

When first time buyers purchase their first home they enable that homeowner to sell their home and purchase a replacement home.  This is a very important factor that is helping drive the current housing market and it helps explain why our market experienced a 30 percent increase.  I believe as this trend continues that we could continue to see similar increases in monthly home sales as more and more first time homebuyers discover that they can purchase a nice and affordable Knox County Ohio home with very little money down using FHA and OHFA financing.  In many cases we can help homebuyers buy with absolutely zero down payment when they qualify for Rural Development, USDA or VA loans.  With low interest rates and home pricing so low many buyers can buy a home and have monthly payments that are as low if not lower than what they are paying each month for rent.

If you are interested in buying a home and taking advantage of the opportunities and savings that are available TODAY be sure to contact us at (740) 397-7800 or feel free to register online at "I want to buy a home".