Going Green doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to be expensive.  With just a little added planning and by making some very small changes we can make a difference.  I will keep the "Going Green" ideas coming each week.  It is amazing that once I have started thinking about trying to live a little greener how you start noticing things that never stood out before.  

Here are 5 tips you can easily use in the coming week.


  1. When boiling water or heating up anything on your stove top always place a lid on your pot to retain the heat. This will bring the temperature up faster which will help you also conserve energy.
  2. During the winter months when you are turning on your furnace and setting the thermostat consider setting the temperature just 2 or 3 degrees lower than you did last year.  Put on a sweater or sweat shirt and you will more than likely never notice the difference in temperature.  This will conserve energy and help you reduce your heating bills.
  3. If you regularly utilize a kitchen dishwasher consider running a single cycle each day rather than one in the morning and one after dinner.  This will conserve water and electricity.
  4. On sunny winter days open up your drapes and window blinds to let the sun add additional warmth to your home.  Not only does this help reduce your heating bills but sunshine energizes people.  It is hard to feel depressed on a bright sunny day.
  5. Every 6 months or so it is a good idea to gently vacuum or lightly brush off the refrigerator condenser coils which are located on the bottom or the back of your refrigerator.  This will help your refrigerator last longer and not require it to kick on and off nearly as much.  
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