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Knox County Ohio Real Estate Information Archive

Sam Miller


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Knox County OH Real Estate Update

by Sam Miller

Attention, home sellers!  Even in an uncertain real estate market, there may be good news for you – depending on where you live.  The National Association of REALTORS® has published the results of its quarterly sales survey and found that the median home price continues to rise in most metropolitan areas.  The median is a typical market price – meaning half of all homes sold for more, and half of all homes sold for less.


Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said the data underscores the fact that all real estate is local.  “Some metro areas are hot, while others are experiencing localized problems,” he said.


As we move into a new year, we will keep a close eye on the Knox County area market trends to see how prices affect sales volume.  Since the market changes month to month and neighborhood to area, please contact me at 740-397-7800 or visit to get the latest information on Knox County OH real estate.  To receive a complimentary home value analysis, please click here.


Happy new year - see you in 2008!

The Basics of 1031 Exchange

by Sam Miller

Many homeowners have heard of a “1031 Exchange,” but few understand the basics of what an exchange actually entails.  Today I want to cover just a few of the basics of the process, as it can be an invaluable method of homeownership for investment homeowners.


What is a 1031 Exchange?

Put simply, it is the sale of one property in exchange for the purchase another property of similar value without the required payment of capital gains tax, all performed within a specific time frame.  An example of when you might use a 1031 Exchange, as opposed to selling a home and purchasing a new one outright:  you want to sell your current vacation home and purchase a new, similar one that has a few better features.  You have not yet owned your current vacation home for two years, so you are subject to substantial capital gains taxes when you sell it.  If you were to use a 1031 Exchange, you could “exchange” your current home for a new one and be relieved of the capital gains requirement.  It is this difference between "exchanging" and not simply buying and selling which, in the end, allows you, the taxpayer, to qualify for a deferred gain treatment. In a nutshell: sales are taxable with the IRS and 1031 exchanges are not. US CODE: Title 26, §1031. Exchange of Property Held for Productive Use or Investment

Important Rules of 1031 Exchange

1.   The total purchase price of the replacement "like kind" property must be equal to, or greater than the total net sales price of the relinquished, real estate, property.

2.   All the equity received from the sale, of the relinquished real estate property, must be used to acquire the replacement, "like kind" property.

1031 Timelines and Rules


Identification period – the seller has exactly 45 days from the sale of the original property to identify other replacement property(s) that he proposes or wishes to buy. 


Exchange period – the period during which the seller of the relinquished property must receive the replacement property.  This period ends exactly 180 days after the date on which the person transfers the property relinquished or the due date for the person's tax return for that taxable year in which the transfer of the relinquished property has occurred, whichever situation is earlier.


If you want to learn more about strategies for buying and selling investment properties, or are interested in Knox County OH real estate, please call me at 740-397-7800 or visit  To get started searching for Knox County OH real estate, please use my complimentary MLS search.


Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!

Go Green With Your Holiday Decorations

by Sam Miller

“Going green” has been one of the biggest trends of 2007, with homeowners seeking to make more environmentally-friendly choices on everything from cleaning products to flooring.  So it only makes sense that this concern for the environment should carry over into our holiday decorating this year.  Even if you have already “decked your halls,” it’s not too late to add some green décor to your display:


·        Use LED lights – using LED lights to decorate the inside and outside of your home will bring you many benefits.  The lights last a whopping 50,000 hours – that means you could actually pass these lights down to your grandchildren some day!  Adding to their cost effectiveness is the fact that you will be using 90% less energy with LED bulbs – Clark Griswald would be jealous.  LED lights are also safer – they don’t produce as much heat and considerably reduce the risk of fire, always a concern during the holiday season.

·        Use solar-powered decorations – the “new kid on the block” when it comes to holiday décor, these lights not only save you money on energy – they don’t use any energy at all!  Place the solar panels where they can collect light during the day, and the lights will automatically light up when it gets dark and shine for about 8 hours. 

·        Use mother nature’s decorations – forget going out to shop for decorations.  Some of the best décor can be found right in your own backyard!  Use a real Christmas tree rather than a manufactured, non-biodegradable one.  Even better, buy a young tree with roots and re-plant it after the holiday season!  A basket of pinecones make a beautiful and rustic centerpiece, and fresh pine straw can be made into a lovely and fragrant wreath to display.


Happy tree-trimming!


To learn more about Knox County OH real estate, please visit or call me at 740-397-7800.  To receive a complimentary home value analysis, please click here.

Strategies for Coping with a Slow Real Estate Market

by Sam Miller

Although the real estate market is still down in many areas, you may find yourself in a situation such as a job relocation that will force you to sell your home or purchase a new one.


This article from offers helpful information on how you can still make a smart move in this unpredictable real estate market.  Here is a summary of the tips:


  • Sell smart – if you are trying to sell your home, you must set a realistic price based on the current market.  You should also discuss with your Realtor the current average “days on market” that most properties are taking to sell.  This will help you better plan for your move.  If you are not willing to list for the current market value, and you do not want your house to be on the market for long, consider waiting out this down market as it is likely to turn around soon.
  • Spend wisely – try to follow the rule of thumb of spending no more than 20% of your home’s value on renovations.  At a time when your home may be worth less than it was this time last year, this is not the time to be sinking money into it.
  • Foreclosures are still your problem – remember that, even though you are not facing foreclosure, the other properties in your neighborhood that are foreclosed upon will decrease your home’s value.  As a general rule, for every home that goes into foreclosure in your neighborhood, your property value drops about 1%.  That value will stay depressed for about two years.  To find out where the foreclosures are in your area, go to or and type in your zip code.
  • Recheck your mortgage – many homeowners do not know what kind of mortgage they have.  If you are one of them, pull out your old closing documents and find out how often you're rate will increase and what caps there are to how much that increase can be.  This information should be on the Adjustable Rate Rider, among the first few pages in your documents.

Remember, the Knox County real estate market is always changing from month to month and neighborhood to neighborhood.  To find out what your home is worth, click here for a complimentary market analysis.  You may also visit to learn more about Knox County OH real estate, or call me at 740-397-7800.

Displaying blog entries 1-4 of 4