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Sam Miller


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The State of Ohio requires that most homeowners of single family homes and of 1-4 unit apartments are required to complete an "Ohio Residential Property Disclosure Form".   However, there are many property owners who are legally exempt from completing this form.  This video features Ohio Real Estate Expert, Peg Ritenour, of the Ohio REALTOR Association.  Peg does an amazing job of explaining who is exempt from this required disclosure and she clears up some of the confusion relating to bank owned sales, deed in lieu of foreclosure sales, estate sales, trusts, guardian sales, court ordered sales, new construction, co-owner sales, sales to ex-spouses, inherited sales and sales to tenants who have lived in the property.  Most people who are involved in the real estate process including buyers, sellers, bankers, mortgage loan officers, appraisers, REALTORS and real estate professionals will benefit from the information that is shared in this video.

If you would like a sample copy of the Ohio Residential Property Disclosure Form feel free to contact us at 740-397-7800 and we can provide you with a printed or a digital copy of the disclosure form.

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Sam Miller 

iPhone 6 Plus Photo


I picked up the iPhone 6+ and have been testing out the newly enhanced features over the last week.  The new camera is a serious upgrade relating to both the hardware and software application.  The camera is super easy to use and they have added some great features relating to the camera and video.  The camera is so good that I predict that most people who upgrade to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ will use it as their daily camera unless they are professional photographers.  

I took this sunset photo tonight and as you can see the #iPhone6Plus does amazing job.  I shot some interior photos and it does very well in moderate to low light settings.  However, don't think for a minute that this new smart phone will replace our trusty Canon DSLR because there are a handful of things this new iPhone 6+ simply can't do.  It can't shoot wide angle which is very important for interior real estate photos especially when shooting the bedrooms and bath rooms.  The new camera is going to be VERY popular for those who are passionate about posting to their social networks. 

Sunset Photo Taken From The Edge of Mount Vernon Ohio

by Sam Miller

Mount Vernon Ohio Sunset Photo Taken on Gilchrist Road by Sam Miller

I took this sunet photo from the edge of Mount Vernon, Ohio on Gilchrist Road near Coshocton Road.  This area is within 3 minutes of town yet retains a very rural feeling with farms and country property with picturesque views.  If you enjoy photography this is a really nice area to capture some great shots.  #MountVernonOhio

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3