Mount Vernon Skate Park at the Memorial Park

The Mount Vernon Memorial Park is located on Mount Vernon Avenue and this park is a very popular destination for people of all ages.  This park is very well known for having the largest number of baseball / softball fields and ball diamonds in all of Knox County Ohio.  Many people visit Memorial Park for the baseball games either to play or watch a family member or friend.  Be sure to arrive early because sporting events in Knox County attract serious attendance.  However, there is much more to this park than just ball fields.  The park also features a series of very nice lighted tennis courts, a solid surface skate park plus there are even covered pic nic shelters for family reunions and special events.  

Mount Vernon Tennis Courts at the Memorial Park

If you or your children have grown up in Knox County Ohio chance are very good that both you and your children have fond memories of the annual Easter Egg Hunts that are held at Memorial Park each year.  I can clearly remember my wife and I taking our daughter to more than a few Easter Egg Hunts at this park and it was as exciting for us to watch the excitement on the faces of the kids as it was for the kids to actually hunt for the eggs and prizes.  If you have never attended this event before it is truly something to experience because you can seriously feel the excitement in the air while the kids await the sounding of the starting horn.

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