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Old Time Farming Festival in Centerburg Ohio - September 2018

by Sam Miller

Centerburg's Annual Oldtime Farming Festival

On the third weekend of every September, the Heart of Ohio hosts its Old Time Farming Festival. The non-profit organization has a goal to provide inexpensive entertainment for family and friends to experience recreated activities of routine lifestyles for farmers and continued education of cultivation and its imperativeness to the community. Our drone footage above, captures a unique birdseye perspective of this weekend event where you can find antique tractors and machinery, a sea of cars, and Centerburg's inhabitors. The festival offers countless activies and lots of entertainment including a magician, pie auction, many contests with prizes, games, musical entertainment, exhibits, and more. 

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This feature article is part of our ongoing series titled 365 Things To Do in Knox County Ohio by Sam Miller of REMAX Stars Realty, 740-397-7800.






Knox County Ohio Auditor Website for Real Estate

by Sam Miller

Have you ever been curious about the tax appraisal of your current home?  Did you know you can search and view the current real estate tax card for pretty much any property located in Knox County Ohio by visiting the Knox County Auditor website by CLICKING HERE?  There is some very useful information available on this site and the majority of the information is fairly accurate but there are some areas worth additional research (more on that topic a little later).

Once you click on the link Knox County Auditor website you are going to have to accept their terms and conditions page to move forward.  Once you have completed the terms and conditions you will immediately be taken to the main search page and this is where the magic happens.  You have several options but I recommend that you start in the far upper right corner with teh Quick Search feature.  You can entire you property parcel number, owner's name or address and in the majority of cases this will yield the initial results you are looking for.  There will be some cases where it doesn't find the property or owner of record and if this happens don't panic because there are other options so try the steps below.

On the left hand side of the main screen on the Knox County Auditor website there are more detailed search options titled Property Search.  Under the Property Search heading you have an option called Home.  You will rarely need this link and if you are starting on the main page it won't serve any purpose other than refreshing the page.  The second option is to select the Search button.  By clicking the inital search button you will have an option to search by last name and first name of the property owner.  This is super handy if you are trying to locate a Knox County Ohio property and you know the owner's name but you don't know the address or parcel number.  

Knox County Parcel Number Search is the fastest way to find a property record if you already have the Knox County Parcel Number.  This is especially ideal for property owners who just received written notifications that they will be experiencing an increase in their real estate tax bills because the parcel number is located on that notification form.  If you have that parcel number use the Knox County Parcel Number Search and you will be happy you did because you won't have to sort through multiple parcels to find you property info.

There are a few other search options available such as Knox County Map Number Search, Intersection Search and the Advanced Search.  The map and interserction searches are likely the least used search features and most visitors and property owners don't typically utilize these search options.  There is also an advanced search that offers a series of detailed search options.  There is a wealth of information in the Advanced Search option but unless you are a real estate professional or a property appraiser, you won't likely spend much time in this area using this search.  A feature you might like is the Sales Date or Sales Price search feature because this is a quick and easy way to locate Knox County property sales by SOLD dates and also by SOLD prices.

Here are a few words of caution when you are using the property search function on the Knox County Auditors Website.  I want to be very clear that non of the examples below are a meant to be critical of the Auditors Office.  However, I do run across some incorrect or disputable data that is provided on the Knox County Auditor Website in my opinion.  Please don't get angry with the nice folks who work at the Knox County Auditors Office because in the majority of the cases the data was provided to them by an indepentent firm.  Remember, the firm contracted to visit the property site never got inside the property so they are making some assumptions about the property blind without seeing the interior.  As a real estate professional, I have a significant advantage because I have access to the interior of the property so I can determine value based on the amount of living space, the floor plan and interior design, amout of    

  1. The Knox County Auditor doesn't typically step foot inside any of these homes so if you are looking for an accurate appraised value of a property you should consult an expert.
  2. The square footage and the property sketch listed on the Knox County Auditors Property Card isn't always accurate.  We have seen cases over the years where the property owner is paying real estate taxes based on a property card that lists the square footage that is off by several hundred square feet.  
  3. Pay close attention to the square footage listed on Knox County Property Card especially if the home design is a 1.5 story home such as a Cap Cod.  There are cases where the 2nd floor is less than 50% of the main level space directly below it due to the roof design or attic space.  
  4. Pay close attention to the square footage listed on the Knox County Property Card especially if the home is a bi level or split level.  There have been cases where the square footage was incorrectly listed.  We have seen cases where they have listed a 1600 square foot home at 1000 square feet.  

Have you ever wondered who owned a specific house on a particular street or neighborhood in Knox County Ohio?  

Mount Vernon, Ohio - One of Ohio's Best Hometowns

by Sam Miller

Ohio's Best Hometown

Founded back in 1805, Mount Vernon, Ohio is home to over 16,000 people and is a sizeable community with a small town feel. Lined with 7 miles of brick streets, this thriving city continues to grow with modern cultural experiences, industry, and agriculture.

Industrial Growth

The city of Mount Vernon, Ohio offers many industries that provide continued expansion to the community. Businesses such as AMG, Ariel, Burrows Paper Corporation, Dayton Supply and Tool Company, Jeld-Wen, Mauser, Owens Corning, and Sanoh decorate the streets of our beloved hometown and display the hardwork of Mount Vernon's inhabitors.



The opportunity for higher level education flows in Mount Vernon's town. Colleges such as The Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Central Ohio Technical College, and nearby Kenyon College supply the best educations for students and give so much opportunity to each individual as well as giving back to the community. The Mount Vernon City Schools, Knox County Career Center and Adult Education programs are consistently raising the bar and developing ways to better improve the educational system as well as providing the best educational experience.

Valuble Assets To The Community

Ariel-Foundation park is the home to many of the city's events and provides pathways, structures, and ruins to climb and walk among, promoting health, wellness, and social freedom. This cherished community treasure holds so many footsteps from visitors year round and is the initiator of celebrated memories, loved ones, and provokes the exploration of the Rastin Tower that harbors quite possibly the best view physically possible of the entire Mount Vernon, Ohio city.

People can take a walk through the history of the railroad on what is now the Kokosing Gap Trail connecting the towns of Danville, Gambier, Howard, and Mount Vernon. Find the Restored Steam Locomotive next to the Kenyon Athletic Center in Gambier, Ohio that was constructed back in 1940 and was once used for transferring cargo in Alabama, or make a rest stop at Rotary Park in Howard, Ohio where there are water fountains, picnic tables, restrooms, freshly planted trees, and a playset for kids to enjoy the outdoors. 

Hiawatha Water Park and Pool continues to draw in sizable crowds each summer with its many platforms to climb, tunnels to explore, fountains to stand under, and pools to swim in.

Live performances held at the Memorial Theater attract visitors near and far to see plays like Beauty and The Beast, Annie, Grease, 12 Angry Men, The Diary of Anne Frank, and many many more.

Pay respect to Mount Vernon, Ohio's veterans by visiting the Public Square's Walk of Honor that's lined with bricks dedicated to each hero. Taking a moment to walk the square, you'll find several monuments capturing moments in history that are proudly acknowledged by the society.

Ohio's Best Hometown Continues To Thrive

Just as any city, Mount Vernon faces challenges, however, the community faces them head on with determination to continually improve and make the city the best possible place to call home. We've shared with you a captivating video that discusses the successes to Ohio's Best Hometown and captured stunning drone views of the community. Residents of Mount Vernon, Ohio and Mayor Richard Mavis take you on a tour of our beloved city and give a personal view of what it's like to have Mount Vernon as their home. Mount Vernon Ohio is a place constantly evolving and progressing, all while consistenly maintaining a small town feel with neighbors coming together hand in hand, to make the community a better place.


This blog is brought to you by Mount Vernon, Ohio REALTOR Sam Miller of REMAX Stars Realty 740-397-7800.

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Drone Flight up the Face of Honey Run Waterfall

by Sam Miller

Adventure awaits you..

If you love exploring nature, taking photos of the outdoors, or going on hikes, the Honey Run Waterfall in Howard, Ohio is the perfect place for you to visit.  This park offers gorgeous views of its 25 foot high waterfall and provides two bridges and a staircase that protects the ecosystem and natural resources of the park as well as providing safety for each visitor.  

Decorated With Intricate Nature

Make sure to take a look at the blackhand sandstone cliffs and boulders that add a unique touch to the park, formed over 350 million years ago!  This park also is the habitat for uncommon plants such as the Eastern Hemlock, witch-hazel, round-leaved hepatica, partridge-berry, and wild ginger.  Honey Run Waterfall also provides hiking trails that reach the kokosing river, family friendly exploration, and many opportunities for beautiful photography.  Check out the drone footage below to see just how beautiful and captivating Honey Run Waterfall is.

Honey Run Waterfall is located at 10855 Hazel Dell Road in Howard, Ohio 43028 and is open 365 days a year.

This video is part of an ongoing series titled 365 Things To Do in Knox County Ohio by Sam Miller of REMAX Stars Realty 740-397-7800 Knox County Ohio Real Estate and #KnoxCountyOhio

Birds Eye View of the Apple Valley Lake and Marina by Drone

by Sam Miller

Apple Valley Lake Marina Drone Video 

We created a short video capturing a unique birds eye view of the Apple Valley Lake and the Marina. Most Apple Valley area residents and their guests have never had an opportunity to see the Apple Valley Lake Community from this perspective. When I shared this video at our real estate office it was amazing to hear the comments from our team members because everyone who watched this video couldn't believe the amount of mature trees and all the heavily wooded areas around the lake because.  This video shows viewers an entirely different perspective compared to views you experience by just driving around the lake.  

You can view additional community videos by visiting our Apple Valley Lake YouTube account. This Apple Valley Lake YouTube account feature dozens of community videos that were created using unique a POV by using boats, jet skis, some were shot from an airplane and we also utilized professional drone pilots to capture many of the incredible camera shots.  This video is brought to you by Sam Miller of REMAX Stars Realty 740-397-7800 Apple Valley Lake Real Estate and #AppleValleyLake


I know a lot of Knox County Ohio residents who drive the streets on a daily basis and they rarely notice the natural beauty throughout our gorgeous community.  We have so many amazing landmarks and amenties throughout Mount Vernon, Ohio yet it's rare that most people actually "Look Up" and take in the sites.  We created a unique video of the Mount Vernon Ohio Public Square and the Knox County Ohio County Courthouse Clock Tower using a professional drone.  

This drone video offers a rare perspective of the Public Square and the County Courthouse from highly elevated views. We have been utilizing drone videos since the FAA revised their requirements in 2016 and our clients can't seem to get enough of them. We have been utilizing YouTube and Facebook for sharing our videos.  You can view additional community videos by visiting our Apple Valley Lake YouTube and Knox County Ohio YouTube accounts.  Both of these video accounts feature dozens of community videos that were created using unique POV by using boats, jet skis, some were shot from an airplane and we used professional drone pilots to capture unique camera shots.  

This video is part of an ongoing series titled 365 Things To Do in Knox County Ohio by Sam Miller of REMAX Stars Realty 740-397-7800 Knox County Ohio Real Estate and #KnoxCountyOhio

Heart of Ohio Tour in Centerburg OhioI was on a real estate appointment this morning in village of Mount Liberty, Ohio which is located in the Centerburg Ohio School District between Mount Vernon and Centerburg on Route 3.  When I finished my appointment I drove around the neighborhood for a few minutes and parked at the Heart of Ohio Trail for a few minutes scouting for a great place to capture a new community photo.  If you are not familiar with the Hearth of Ohio Trail...visualize the Kokosing Gap Trail being located along route 3 and that will give you a good picture of what the Heart of Ohio Trail is like.  You can also view a short video of the Heart of Ohio Trail by clicking this link or by clicking on the embedded video within this page.  

We have a Centerburg Ohio community highlight page that might interest you and you can view our properties for sale in Centerburg Ohio by clicking on Centerburg Ohio homes for sale

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Brought to you by Sam Miller of REMAX Stars Realty 740-397-7800.

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Knox County Ohio Real Estate Absorption Rate Report by Sam Miller

by Sam Miller

The Knox County Ohio real estate market is off to an impressive start and January 2015 will likely surpass January of 2014 based on the number of residential homes SOLD.  Home sales are not the only segment of the market showing positive signs because the number of homebuyer inquires who are calling and emailing us about our residential listings are much higher than last year.  Our online website property views on are also on the rise with many days in January receiving more than 1,000 listing pageviews in a single day.  

The graph below is a residential market report that highlights some very key Knox County Ohio real estate market data.  Currently there are 210 active residential homes for sale and there are 28 pending sales being reported and there is a strong likelyhood that there are even more pending sales than the 28 being reported here.  During the last 6 months there have been 235 homes within Knox County Ohio that have successfully sold and 188 that either expired or were withdrawn from the market (this number is pretty typical once school starts and going into the winter months).

Knox County Ohio Real Estate Market Report by Sam Miller

Take a close look at the columns on the left and you will see that we have broken down each price range for you.  This is especially helpful beause it you look across the column you will see that we also list the number of available homes specifically by each price range.  As you look further to the right you will see we have also listed the number of pending sales, expired listings and how many have SOLD in each price range over the last 6 months.  This info helps us determine which price ranges will see increases in pricing and which ones have an oversupply of available home because when this happens these homes tends to sell slower (think of it as more sellers than buyers).  

The column to the far right shows how many months of available inventory is currently available in each price range.  You can also see each of these columns are highlighted by a specific color and the meaning of each color is describled at the bottom of the graph (favors buyers, neutral or favors sellers).  You will notice that the $150,000 to $174,999 price range has a red highlight which means that this price range is hot, these homes have been selling extremely well and there isn't much available listing inventory.  If you look closer at this column you will see that there have been 28 sales in this price range within the last 6 months and there are only 13 available for sale today which means there is a shortage.  If you look at the $275,000 to $299,999 price range you will find the exact opposite and this price range is flat today.  There is currently an 18 month supply of available homes.  Only 3 homes in this price range have SOLD during the last 6 months and there are 9 currently for sale and during the last 6 months there were 11 homes in this price range that failed to sell.  Be sure to check out the specific column that most closely matches your desired price range so you will have an insiders view of the current Knox County Ohio housing market.

Our team would love to answer any questions you might have about the Knox County Ohio housing market so feel free to call or email us at anytime.

Thank you!

Sam Miller

Our First Snow of 2013 in Knox County Ohio

by Sam Miller

We have SNOW in Central Ohio!  I have to admit that when I looked outside early this morning I didn't expect to see the ground covered with snow.  I have lived in Central Ohio for more than 40 years and I can remember many years when we didn't have snow until after Christmas so waking up to snow today is not a typical day for Mid November in Central Ohio.  Be sure to take a few photos and remember that many auto accidents happen during the first snow of the year as people begin to adjust their driving habits and stopping distance.  Have fun and be safe today!

1st Snow in Central Ohio

Knox County Ohio Residential Property Tax Appraisals Decline

by Sam Miller

Knox County Ohio Public Records Court House

Home values today are down from the housing peak of 2006.  What is interesting is that our real estate taxes in Knox County Ohio haven't exactly followed that trend and in many cases remained at those higher values.  This created some frustration for many property owners because many folks knew they were paying their real estate taxes based n inflated tax appraisals.  I have some good news for Knox County...the majority of residential real estate taxes in Knox County Ohio are about to benefit from a reduction.  Tax values will decrease by 6% decrease on all residential classed parcels with the exception off any parcel having new construction.  This a sign that the Department of Taxation is actually listening to those who have posed concerns about their home values as compared to their tax appraised values.  It appears that a 6% decrease calculation was applied to most residential tax appraisals which means that the majority of property taxes will decrease when you pay your tax bill.  

The information below is an account of the letter I received from the Knox County Auditor's Office which does a great job of answers most questions.

Knox County Ohio Auditors OfficeDear Property Owner:  

This change in value notice is being sent to inform you of your new real estate value for the 2011 tax year.  As required by Ohio Law, the County Auditor is charged with the duty to update values during the third year after a county wide reappraisal.  This process is called the Triennial Update.  

A Triennial update is the process of reviewing sales and not actually viewing each property.  The 2011 Triennial update looks at sales from 2008, 2009 and 2010.  After receiving a recommendation from the Department of Taxaction and reviewing arms length sales, a 6% decrease on all residential classed parcels was made with the exception of any parcels having new construction.

Knox County Ohio Treasures Office

If your property is reduced because of the Current Agricultural Use Value program (CAUV) that new value is also included as a notation beneath the market/taxable values.  CAUV soil tables can be adjusted every three years along with the County's Triennial Update and Reappraisal.  These tables are adjusted by the State of Ohio Department of Taxation.

Every property owner is encouraged to review their property's total value.  You can access your property record card to review parcel information on our website at  We will have open books until October 28, 2011.  At the completion of the open book period our values will be sent to the state for final approval.  After that time if you disagree with your property values you will have the option to file a complaint form through the Board of Revisions (BOR) process from January 1, 2012  to March 31, 2012.

If you have any questions, you can contact our office at (740) 393-6747.  Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8am to 4pm.

Knox County Auditor

If you would like to compare your home with other local homes for sale feel free to visit our listing link which contains all of our available Knox County Ohio homes for sale and we even organized them in price order to make it easier for you to view.  

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