Knox County Ohio Wolf Run Dog Park

Today our "365 Things To Do in Knox County Ohio" series highlights one of the more popular parks in Mount Vernon.  Wolf Run Regional Park consists of over 288 acres of gorgeous rolling land which features over 5 miles of trails, a nice fishing pond, a kids play area that features boulders for climbing and a 2 acre dog park.  The focus of our feature today is on the 2 acre dog park.  The park is located on Yauger Road just east of Upper Gilchrist Road and just outside of the city limits of Mount Vernon, Ohio.  


Knox County Ohio Barking ParkThe Wolf Run Dog Park is an amazing place for people to take their dogs and let them run off-leash, sniff around like dogs love to do and they can play catch and fetch with their masters in a securely fenced environment.  There are some nice park benches which makes it a little more relaxing experience for some pet owners because they can have a seat while watching their dogs play.  The park is situated on a beautiful country setting and it has gorgeous backdrop of mature trees along the north side of   the park.  


365 Things To Do in Knox County Ohio Dog Park

Here are a few things you will want to know before visiting the park with your dog.  I copied down a few of the rules off their posted notice.  You need to keep your dog in sight and under voice control at all times.  Keep your dog leash in-hand at all times and owners of little dogs should stay close by your dog.  Owners must possess a device for removal of droppings.  Dogs must be licenses and vaccinated.  Only dogs and people are allowed in the park.  No aggressive or sick dogs allowed.  If your dog becomes unruly or plays rough, leash it and leave immediately.  Female dogs in heat and dogs under the age of four months are prohibited.  Use at your own risk.  Owners are responsible and liable for actions and behaviors of their dogs at all times.  Users are limited to three dogs per visit.  Dogs may NOT be left unattended at any time.  Keep park gates closed at all times.  No food or glass containers are allowed.  Children under the age of twelve are prohibited in the park.  Older children must be supervised by a parent or guardian.  A criminal citation may be issued for violation of these rules.  

Mount Vernon Ohio Wolf Run Park Boulders"365 Things to Do in Knox County Ohio" is about sharing ideas and inspiring you to do fun things and experience the many amenities of  our Knox County Ohio community.  When you hear someone say "there's nothing to do" I want you to be able to tell them about our list of "365 Things They Can Do in Knox County Ohio".  I love and I've lived here for over 41 years and am proud to call Knox County home.

Sam Miller