Knox County Ohio residents got a big surprise this past weekend when 16 inches of snow fell within a 24 hour period.  This was the largest single day snow storm for Ohio that was recorded in more than 50 years.  On Friday March 7th the county was declared a level 2 snow emergency which means motorists were advised to say home.  On March 8th they raised the snow emergency to a level 3 which means only emergency vehilces are allowed to be on the roads.  When I woke up Sunday morning the roads were amazingly clean and it was very obvious that the city, the townships and the county had all worked around the clock and their efforts paid off in a big way.  Mount Vernon Schools were open Monday morning and the drive to work was smooth with no issues.   Traveling the roads in Mount Vernon, Fredericktown, Howard, Gambier, Centerburg and Apple Valley should be back to business as usual and in record time.